PUBG Banned In India Ban Or Not | Why PUBG Is Still Working In India

Pubg Banned In India Or Not


Pubg Banned In India Or Not Recently, the Government of India banned 118 Apps And This list includes the popular Battle Royal PUBG Mobile game. There Were Millions Of Players In The Game In India.

Why Pubg Is Still Working In India

Why Pubg Is Still Working In India After The Ban, The Game Works On Devices Downloaded Before The Ban. However, The Game Has Been Removed From The Apple App Store And Google Play Store.

Indian Players Can Still Play The Popular Bat Royal game On Their Phones. However, This Will Only Happen For A While Until The Indian Game Server Is Shut Down By Game Developers. If A Game Is Blocked Players Will Not Be Able To Start A New Game. Currently, No Timeline Has Been Revealed For When The Server Will Shut Down. Game Development Company Tencent Says It Is Also In Talks With The Government To Fix Things.

Earlier, it was explained that PUBG Mobile India could be played intelligently using the Virtual Private Network (VPN) to pass through a blockchain. Now, there are some gaps that have come to light when gamers want to play PUBG Mobile India.

How To Play Pubg Mobile In India

How To Play Pubg Mobile In India After Ban

How To Play Pubg Mobile In India After The Ban, First You Need to Download The Latest APK File From A Third-Party Source Or The Official PUBG Mobile Website. You Need To Burn The VPN App From Your Smartphone For This Process To Work. You Can Download Any Free VPN Service From The App Store For This Purpose Or Use Premium Services Such Us Surfshark Or ExpressVPN.

After Opening The VPN App, Set Your Location To A Country Other Than India. We Recommend Using Singapore Or Hong Kong As It Provides Excellent Delay For Competitive Games. Download The APK File From The Official PUBG Mobile Website Or From Third-Party Repositories.

Once connected, open the PUBG Mobile APK and let the game download the entire package including the latest patches. If you experience slow download speeds, you can disconnect from the VPN service during fast downloads. When the download is complete, you can start playing PUBG Mobile normally and have the ability to sign in to your social media account.

If for some reason you are unable to connect to servers, we recommend opening the VPN again, connect to a different country and restart the game. You should be able to play the game as you always have no error messages.

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